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Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 5: Tribe Swap

First off my episode one pick to win, Neal found an idol.

One on tribe there is Neal and Debbie for Brains, Cydney and Jason for Brawn, and Michele and Nick for Beauty.  Beauty has the disadvantage of no idol.  I think the two brains may have the best chance.  Jason makes people mad.  Nick is very arrogant.  The main hole is Cydney and Michele are very good social players and Debbie takes time to get used to.  I would think the Brains are safe.

Another tribe has Tai and Ana for Beauty, Scot for Brains, and Joe, Aubry, and Peter for Brains.  I think they have a less strong tribe.  If I were Scot my hopeful plan is to use Tai’s idol to remove a Brain.  That way they have one less and beauty loses an idol.  He instead seems to be playing both sides in a long term.  Now that Julia has replaced Anna Scot may want to consider voting her out as well.