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Survivor Metrics: Game Changers Merge episode

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Our current leader


Losing the first challenge costs 0.58 points, and winning it (Andrea) is worth 7. Hali is eliminated giving her a simple final score. Winning the next challenge (Tai) is worth 6.5 points, and losing it costs 0.59. Being on the right team on the reward is worth 1.08. Oddly the individual winners were the only winning members to be outdone by the losing team’s tem of the course. Our current score is.

  1. Andrea 107.5
  2. Tai 107

3-6. Ozzy/Debbie/Troyzan/Zeke 99.92

  1. Hali 99.42

8-13. Aubry/Michaela/Brad/Cirie/Sarah/Sierra 97.75

Congratulations to Andrea.  She is the only player in history to win individual immunity 3 out of 3 times.  No other player has ever done that (Rob is closest at 3 of 4).


Survivor Season 34 Cast tribe Division suggestions


The cast for season 34 will be Andrea (Redemption Island and Caramoan), Aubry (Kaoh Rong), Ciera (Blood Vs. Water and Cambodia), Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia, and Heroes vs. Villians), Debbie (Kaoh Rong), Hali (Worlds Apart), Sierra (Worlds Apart), Sarah (Cagayan), and Sandra (Pearl Islands and Heroes Vs. Villains) for women.  For men it has Tony (Cagayan), Brad (Blood Vs. Water), Jeff (Australian Outback and Cambodia), Caleb (Kaoh Rong), Tai (Kaoh Rong), Troyzan (One World), Ozzy (Cook Islands, Micronesia, and South Pacific), Malcolm (Philippines and Caramoan), and J.T. (Tocantins and Heroes Vs. Villains).  There will also be two players from season 33 on the list.

The first thing to do is find out who is already an ally or enemy of someone and put them on different tribes.  Debbie, Aubry, Caleb, and Tai are all from Kaoh Rong.  Tai was good allies with Aubry and Caleb.  He can only be on the same tribe as Debbie.  I would be fine with putting Aubry and Debbie on the same tribe, but I prefer not to.  Caleb and Aubry are on one tribe and Tai and Debbie are on another.

Andrea and Malcolm both played in Redemption Island s friendly enemies, so they could be on the same tribe.  Ciera was enemies with Brad.  They should be on different tribes.  Cirie was in an alliance with Ozzy in Micronesia, but she betrayed him.  They could be on the same tribe, but Ozzy was bitter.  Hali and Sierra were hardly on the same tribe at all.  Sarah and Tony had a working alliance, but it all broke up.  Different tribes for them.

Tribe 1 has Aubry, Caleb, Ciera, Tony, J.T., and Ozzy. Tribe 2 has Debbie, Brad, Tai, Sarah, Sandra, and Cirie.  Tribe one has a big muscle advantage now.  Jeff goes to tribe 1 and Malcom to Tribe 2. Andrea, Hali, Sierra and Tryzan are still available.  Troyzan to tribe 2 to give them four men.  Theya lso get Sierra to be a little more physical.  Andrea and Hali to tribe 1.  Tribe 1 has Aubry, Tony, and Jeff as big strategic players. Ciera, Caleb, and J.T. are lesser threats.  Tribe 2 has Brad, Cirie, and Malcolm as major threats with Debbie, Troyzan, and Sarah as lesser strategic players (Sandra does not try to control the game strategically but survive).  I think this works strategically.

Physically tribe 1 has huge men advantage.  Caleb, Ozzy, and J.T. are probably the best three there, but Tony is not really good at challenges  and Jeff was bad.  The four men on tribe two are above average at challenges at least.  Four women Ciera on tribe 1 and Sandra and Cirie on tribe 2 stink at challenges.  Aubry, Andrea, and Hali are good at challenges, but I do not think they are as good as Sarah or Sierra.  They are better than Debbie.  Overall Tribe 1 has a big physical advantage.  thenckout if Aubry and Caleb witch with Tai and Debbie.  Phsycially things are evened out, but strategically 1 major threat and one minor for one minor.  I think that with surprises that will still wok.

Tribe 1 Debbie Tai Ciera Tony J.T. Ozzy Jeff Andrea Hali
Tribe 2 Aubry Caleb Brad Sarah Sandra Cirie Malcolm Troyzan Sierra

Hali in tribe 1 and Sierra in tribe 2.