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Survivor 31 Episode 2

Tony or Tony wanna-be
Tony or Tony wanna-be

On the Bayon tribe it is still boring stuff with Stephen giving the only entertainment.  Monica is completely silent.  Savage and Jeremy are both just not too fun to watch.  They seem to cry at things that do not seem too emotional to me.  Maybe I am just heartless.  Stephen does make some mistakes and he said on his own blog that he did.  He tried to shift blame to Jeremy, and it made his tribe mates more upset with him.

Ta Keo is the real interesting part.  Shirin said in an interview that she tried to get the so called Old School alliance to flip on Varner.  He ironically says either Shirin or Spencer have to go, as they are playing too hard.  Jeff is playing by far the hardest game there.  I would call his game incredibly dumb, except I thought the same thing about Tony in Cagayan.  Maybe he is making it seem like he is another Russell that no on will vote him out.  He did reference it by saying he will build a spy shack.

Remember how Max and Shirin got way too nerdy for everyone else.  Well now Shirin is doing that with Spencer.  It is making everyone turn on them.  Abi-Maria also was insulted and ran off crying.  Many have said what Shirin did is just as bad as what Will Sims did to her.  That is wrong.  Abi-Maria regularly goes out of her way to make others uncomfortable.  She proudly boasts about it.  She should be ready for it to be mocked.  In Abi’s defense it is hard to predict your own emotions.  Shirin’s problem is not realizing someone is upset and checking on it.  Also the attacks were no where near the level of what Will did.  Still a great job by Terry to gain a new ally.

The immunity challenge is fun to watch and Andrew did great in it.  It is the second time in a row Ta Keo is behind and Spencer comes into hero role and almost saves the day.

Abi lets loose that Shirin and Spencer are the targets.  It is terrible to have her on an alliance for that reason.  Maybe Terry could get her to be quiet.  I think Spencer stayed because he made more of a case than Shirin did.  He also knows how o play from e bottom more than Shirin does.

Next week is going to three tribes.  I will be trying to find them an post them here before long.  Next week’s review will likely be on Saturday instead of Friday.


Problems with Survivor Season 31 Episode 1

Here it is.  Plenty of excitement as the fans get their first all-star season since Heroes vs. Villains and… I actually think the first episode was very bad.  It put so much focus on the Ta Keo tribe that I knew for a fact they would lose the challenge.  To add to the problems the immunity challenge was really bad.  It put too much focus on one person to win it or lose it, and I prefer if that person has to sit out the rest to even it out.

On the good the first reward challenge was great, and I really enjoyed seeing the initial alignments, as I enjoy having to quickly figure out who is aligned with whom. It became apparent that it was Vytas, Terry, Kelly (1), and Woo vs. Kelley (29), Abi-Maria, and Shirin.  Jeff, Peih-Gee, and Spencer were in the middle.  Vytas said in an interview that he is a very close friend to spencer which makes me wonder if Spencer made a huge mistake in betraying him.  Spencer did much better than anticipated.  Stephen said Kass was going on and on about how Spencer would be the first one out.  Many fans believed her, but he was very safe this vote.

The idol being hidden in a challenge was shockingly disappointing.  I was just no that intrigued, as I thought it would be better if everyone knew it was there or if getting required abandoning the challenge instead of abandoning cheering.

The three big winners are 1. Kelley (29)-She found the idol and is on the majority.  2. Spencer- for running the tribe it seems.  3. Joe- For winning the immunity challenge.

I think the biggest candidates to go next are from Bayon 1. Stephen, 2. Kass, 3. Jeremy.

From Ta Keo- 1. Abi-Marie, 2. Kelly (1), 3. Terry