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Remakes for a New Generation (The Nonsense)


The few defenders of all Disney’s live action remakes often say they are made to introduce the classics to a new generation of movie viewers.  Thy are also using a tweet saying “Walt Disney put in his will that all Disney classics are to be remade every 10 years, so each generation gets to enjoy them.”  They ignore that it is all false.  Remakes do not contribute to younger people watching old movies any differently than any advertising.

The easiest to disprove one is the tweet supposedly about Walt Disney’s will. By a simple google search I just found a Snopes article which says he never said that nor did he have power to order it. If it is true then it has been broken already countless times. It means he should have remade Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1947, 1957, and another remake should have come out shortly after he died in December of 1966. It then should have been remade five more times by now, and that has not happened. It means The Black Cauldron should been remade three times by now, and Disney will never do that.  Disney never has remade a film within ten years of being made (the current record is 26). Disney has never done anything extreme enough to follow those supposed instructions.

It also contradicts how Walt Disney acted in life. He was against sequels, and he never did a remake. He had almost 30 years to remake Snow White and he never did.  He supported using new adaptations and making huge changes to the source materials.

The better argument I keep hearing is that the remakes allow a younger generation to enjoy old movies, as they apparently think no one can watch an old movie.  Using a home media device is not hard.  The only tricky part is advertising them, which Disney is terrific at.  I always heard about the old films not from remakes, but from advertisements of old movie collections. Disney was the best at it with their “Gold Masterpiece Collection.” It made me know about old movies and some VHS tapes had bonus songs from older movies.  The movies that stay famous do it, as people keep watching them, not for remakes.

The final case for remakes is they can add something.  No one can watch a commercial for the Disney remakes and think they add anything.  They are literally just taking scenes and putting photo-realistic CGI or live action over them.  Artistically they are just inferior versions with an inferior medium for the story they used. Every film they have that can use a remake to fix past mistakes (The Black Cauldron, Atlantis, or Chicken Little) is not remade in favor of their most famous works that do not need major changes.

The Disney remakes are just a waste of time that I could spend just watching the superior version.  Disney is supposedly “The House of Ideas,” yet they have no new ideas.  In the real words of Walt Disney “You can’t beat pigs with pigs.”


Watching “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo” for the first time


A movie called Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost just came out to be the finale to a shoe from 1985 that was ended after its first season with a cliffhanger ending, and I will review all thirteen episodes.  I have never seen it before, but it was not typical Scooby-Doo.  It had multi episode storylines, which has only been done by Mystery Incorporated, my favorite of the franchise, but I never heard it was good.

Episode 1

The plot is that Scrappy, Scooby, Shaggy, and Daphne are in a plane called “The mystery flying machine.”  I am disappointed it is not green with flowers like all the objects in Cyber Chase.  They crash onto a town where the town folks immediately want them gone (later revealed to be because they are werewolves). They meet a young con artist named Flim-Flam. He has magic bottles that basically get them out of every situation.  Two ghosts need a person from the living to open a chest to unleash 13 ghosts/demons (they go back and forth). Scooby and Shaggy let them out for stupid and unfunny reasons and it ends with the gang going to track them down and the other two ghosts tagging along.

Episode one is not good.  It is confusing, Daphne’s redesign is distracting, and Flim-Flam is a Mary Sue.  I hope episode 2 is better. At least some of the jokes work.

Episode 2

The episode is about stooping a warlock who is taking over a magic kingdom.  This time the tone is considerably less serious, and that works in the episode’s favor.

The tone is wacky and breaks the fourth wall a few times. At first it is just bad humor, but the second half of the episode is then pretty entertaining, and I would have liked it at ten years old.  The music and animation are also better. The only problem is Flim-Flam somehow got even more annoying. Hopefully later episodes are like this.




Aquaman’s huge Success: What it Means for DC


Aquaman has made 1.1 billion dollars worldwide and counting. It has grossed more than every DC movie and more than all but six Marvel films.  Unlike Wonder Woman it was a huge success overseas.  Aquaman is now a bigger hit than Batman and Superman, and will get more exposure.


Obviously this will change their marketing, as Wonder Woman and Aquaman will be the new stars. I expect they will focus on using Batman less and make Superman lighter and more friendly to help imitate Aquaman’s success.


Not only will DC imitate Aquaman with current movie heroes, but this will make them more excited about other heroes getting their first solo movie. Maybe Flash will be the next Aquaman. Maybe it will be Cyborg or even Question.  I think a Booster Gold movie could be a big hit.  DC should stop viewing Superman and Batman as their marketable heroes and find ways to get their other stars to be movie hits.


This will also help to build the Injustice Gang/Legion of Doom/Secret Society of Supervillians.  In the Stinger to Justice League they hinted at building a large group of villains to challenge the league, and I am ecstatic about it.  In the animated Justice League my favorite episodes had the super villain brawls with around 6 heroes battling around 6 villains, and the MCU has not done this. There was no confirmation that Black Manta would join it, but he is good to go for future films and be a threat for multiple films.  DC now has great villains in their films and I expect Black Manta will be one of the main physical threats of the group.