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Best Thanksgiving Specials

My mom is an elementary  teacher, and she often brings Christmas videos in December.  In November she often asks me about Thanksgiving specials.  As a holiday it is not very commercial, as it focuses on the simple pleasures of life.  These are the best Thanksgiving specials.


Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving includes a groundhog day special leading up to a Thanksgiving special leading to forcing a winter episode into a Christmas episode.  The Thanksgiving special got most of the advertising, and it is very good and memorable.  As shown in the picture they eat whatever they normally eat on Thanksgiving, as it is about being thankful over sticking with tradition.  The episode is funny and wacky (the norm for the series), but what I really need to praise is how memorable it is.  A few years back I saw it in mom’s classroom for only the third time, and I realized I vividly remembered every detail.


Friends is probably the only TV show where the Thanksgiving specials are the most famous.  Season five’s episode is the best of the ten.  Four of the six characters discuss their worst Thanksgiving days, and Chandler tells Monica he loves her.  The best part is Chandler’s changing Thanksgiving history. He hates Thanksgiving due to how many bad events happened on it to him.  His parents divorced on it, and he lost his toe around ten years later on Thanksgiving (he has normal feet and toes in other episodes). On this episode he becomes considerably closer to Monica, and he is no longer hating Thanksgiving on future seasons (just Thanksgiving dinner).


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the most famous.  The best part is Woodstock and Snoopy goofing around.  They steal the show and make the entire special entertaining.