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Why Solo Failed at the Box Office


Solo: A Star Wars Story is likely going to be the first Star wars film to lose money at the box office.  It was projected to make plenty of money right away and have great legs. but it has been failing at both.  All Stars Wars movies had opened huge, and the other studios did not put major films to compete with it.  Instead it opened to hugely disappointing numbers.  Many theories have came out about its failure, and most are nonsense.

It did not bomb

This is false.  some defenders have praised it for having the fourth highest opening weekend of the year (it will almost certainly not be in the top 10 when the year ends). Others are saying it is only underperforming as a Star Wars movie.  Even they have to admit it is failing badly by Star Wars standards, but it is failing by more than that.  It went over budget and conservative estimates say it cost $250 million dollars.  By movie economics and hidden expenses it needs to make around $500 million worldwide to make money. Two weekends in and it has made $260 million.  Its legs are getting weaker and it is finally getting competition.  Domestically for a film that expensive it is doing poorly.  a film with a $150 million budget would be good with it, but not a film this expensive.  Its worldwide numbers have been abysmal.  The same $150 million dollar film would be unhappy with its worldwide numbers.


Too much competition

This is also a common myth. some are saying it is Avengers: Infinity war and Deadpool 2 that killed it.  These claims are ignoring the basics of the summer season with movies.  Normally a major film comes out the weekend before (like Deadpool 2), and another major film opens the next week. No major films opened this weekend, as studios are still shying away from putting big films in competition with Star Wars.  These past two weekends Avengers made less than $30 million being on its 5th and 6th weekend.  The Newer Deadpool film made over $60 million, but that is not that much for top competition in the Summer over half a month.  At this time when the top film makes less than $30 million over a weekend it is a very light three day period.


The last Star Wars film alienated many fans.  Disney called them insignificant, but they now seem very significant.  This is definitely part of its failure, but I doubt they are eighty percent of the fanbase.  They may have been the group most likely to watch Solo.  Most of the boycotters love Han and the original trilogy, and they like their films more lighthearted than the fans of The Last Jedi.

Star Wars Fatigue

This is probably part of the reason.  See how bad it is affecting Marvel.  Black Panther and Avengers 3 are in theaters at the same time way closer together, and they are… Actually they are two of the highest grossing films ever now.

What I think the Reason is

Selling a film depends on having a base, and the base for Solo is Han Solo fans.  They love Han, but they also love a certain thing about him that the movie has none of, Harrison Ford.  This is the first time a live-action character has been recast with lines in Star Wars, and it is the Star Wars actor who had the best career.  the fans did not want to see someone else be Han, and they were mad at Disney for killing him.