Survivor Metrics: Game Changers Final 8

Image result for aubry bracco challenges

The first challenge was worth 4.5 points for the winner (Aubry).  Everyone else lost 0.64.  After that Brad won 4 points next challenge.  Everyone else lost 0.67 points.

  1. Andrea 114.55
  2. Brad 108.82
  3. Aubry 103.45
  4. Tai 101.2
  5. Troyzan 100.28
  6. Debbie 100.47
  7. Ozzy 99.92
  8. Hali 99.42
  9. Zeke 98.66    
  10. Sarah 93.71
  11. Michaela 93.33
  12.  Sierra 92.29
  13. Cirie 90.98

Andrea has played the best physical gam of any woman ever.  Brad is clearly the biggest physical threat left, with Aubry behind him, and she has been on a role lately.  Tai and Troyzan did well at the start, but since then have greatly faltered.  Expect the next challenge to be a duel between Aubry and Brad fro immunity with the loser likely being voted out.


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