Will Lionsgate Join the Big Six?


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As of right now there are six major studios, Disney, Fox, Paramount/ Viacom, Sony/Columbia, Universal/Comcast, and Warner Brothers/ Time Warner.   These companies are all at least seventy years old, yet a new studio that was only formed in 1997 making it younger than twenty has emerged as the biggest minor studio.  Lionsgate has been leaving the smaller studios like Weinstein and MGM looking way smaller, partly due to successful franchises such as Now You See Me, The Hunger Games, and, Twilight.  If the last 5 years (2012-2016)’s box office by yearly share were averaged these are the results.

Studio Box Office Percentage average. (domestic)
Disney 17.96
Warner Bros 15.22
Universal 13.66
Fox 11.82
Sony 10.6
Paramount 7.98
Lionsgate 7.78

Lionsgate is just behind Paramount, and to add to Lionsgate’s claim to the majors three months into 2017, and they have made more than twice that of Paramount and almost three times what Sony has made.  On the surface they have beaten Paramount and Fox a few years and should be seen as major studios, but a lower chart will reveal why they are not a major studio.  This simply brings the averages back one more year to 2011.


Studio Box Office Percentage Average (domestic)
Disney 17
WB 15.66
Universal 13.08
Fox 11.45
Sony 10.91
Paramount 9.85
Lionsgate 6.78

Paramount won the box office in 2011 with 19.3 percent.  Lionsgate came in tenth with only 1.8 percent.  By adding one year the top five companies do not go up or down by an entire percent, but Lionsgate goes down by one and Paramount nearly rises by 2.  Another major thing is each of the big 6 have won the crown once in the last 6 years.  Lionsgate in its short life has never been higher than five.  Another problem is besides Now You See Me its proven franchises are finished, and the business is currently franchise based.  This is why they invested so much in Power Ranger’s marketing.  Also it has only shown consistency for 5 years, while these other companies have done it for decades.  If Lionsgate can show their competitive ability like it has for another ten years then it will be the newest major studio.  Until then they will have to settle with being called the unquestioned champion of the minors.




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