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Survivor Metrics: Game Changers Merge episode

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Our current leader


Losing the first challenge costs 0.58 points, and winning it (Andrea) is worth 7. Hali is eliminated giving her a simple final score. Winning the next challenge (Tai) is worth 6.5 points, and losing it costs 0.59. Being on the right team on the reward is worth 1.08. Oddly the individual winners were the only winning members to be outdone by the losing team’s tem of the course. Our current score is.

  1. Andrea 107.5
  2. Tai 107

3-6. Ozzy/Debbie/Troyzan/Zeke 99.92

  1. Hali 99.42

8-13. Aubry/Michaela/Brad/Cirie/Sarah/Sierra 97.75

Congratulations to Andrea.  She is the only player in history to win individual immunity 3 out of 3 times.  No other player has ever done that (Rob is closest at 3 of 4).


Why An American Tail is Great


Over a year ago I praised this film.  I recently have been having trouble really enjoying movies, but then I rewatched this as I do every late Winter, and I had the best movie watching experience since at least October when I watched Wreck It Ralph.  I have known for years this film has multiple flaws on paper such as no clear climax, potentially too much focus on the main character, and being very miserable at times.  I still love this movie partly for these reasons.

Tail 2

I have heard about this film having ending fatigue, due to having a climax with the Mouse of Minsk and Fievel’s family finding him.  Partly because this feels really rare for my favorite films I give it a pass due to it feeling different, but I also love a film’s climax.  I tend to support making sure the greatest tension is at the end, and that is how this film still works.  While the most lives are at stake in the villain defeat, it is really Fievel dealing with a danger made greater by the separation instead of  hi family.  It also shows makes the later events more sad that they follow such a victorious scene, as that does not solve the main character’s main problem.

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One thing that is a matter of opinion is how many main characters are needed.  Traditionally Disney has mostly used the main character very little and instead focused on the villain and side characters, a system its fans love, and people like me hate.  Illumination does it as well.  Pixar puts its focus on two main characters, and Don Bluth puts the main focus on one character (this film, Secret of Nimh, and Bartok the Magnificent are probably the best examples).  This means that viewers who dislike Fievel will have a hard time enjoying this.  I think he carried the movie brilliantly.  He always fun to watch and listen.   While I have no nostalgia for this film having not seen it until I was sixteen I certainly found his issue (at the film’s end) of whether his family really cared about him very relatable, and like my own troubles very sad.  His main heroic qualities are creativity and  determination (common for Bluth’s heroes).  He finds plans where everyone else has given up and regularly deals with the side characters failing him.

Tail 3.png

One part I really enjoy that is rarely mentioned is the wake.  It is for a dead mouse named “Mickey.”  I consider a funny take that at Disney who was going through a big dark age at the time.




Will Lionsgate Join the Big Six?


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As of right now there are six major studios, Disney, Fox, Paramount/ Viacom, Sony/Columbia, Universal/Comcast, and Warner Brothers/ Time Warner.   These companies are all at least seventy years old, yet a new studio that was only formed in 1997 making it younger than twenty has emerged as the biggest minor studio.  Lionsgate has been leaving the smaller studios like Weinstein and MGM looking way smaller, partly due to successful franchises such as Now You See Me, The Hunger Games, and, Twilight.  If the last 5 years (2012-2016)’s box office by yearly share were averaged these are the results.

Studio Box Office Percentage average. (domestic)
Disney 17.96
Warner Bros 15.22
Universal 13.66
Fox 11.82
Sony 10.6
Paramount 7.98
Lionsgate 7.78

Lionsgate is just behind Paramount, and to add to Lionsgate’s claim to the majors three months into 2017, and they have made more than twice that of Paramount and almost three times what Sony has made.  On the surface they have beaten Paramount and Fox a few years and should be seen as major studios, but a lower chart will reveal why they are not a major studio.  This simply brings the averages back one more year to 2011.


Studio Box Office Percentage Average (domestic)
Disney 17
WB 15.66
Universal 13.08
Fox 11.45
Sony 10.91
Paramount 9.85
Lionsgate 6.78

Paramount won the box office in 2011 with 19.3 percent.  Lionsgate came in tenth with only 1.8 percent.  By adding one year the top five companies do not go up or down by an entire percent, but Lionsgate goes down by one and Paramount nearly rises by 2.  Another major thing is each of the big 6 have won the crown once in the last 6 years.  Lionsgate in its short life has never been higher than five.  Another problem is besides Now You See Me its proven franchises are finished, and the business is currently franchise based.  This is why they invested so much in Power Ranger’s marketing.  Also it has only shown consistency for 5 years, while these other companies have done it for decades.  If Lionsgate can show their competitive ability like it has for another ten years then it will be the newest major studio.  Until then they will have to settle with being called the unquestioned champion of the minors.