Survivor Metrics Season 33 Final Rankings

At the website (it no longer exists sadly) a formula was made to determine the best physical threats based off the IQ test.  The website has not updated since season 27 ended, but I have received permission to use the formula and post results (and give credit to the blogger who made the formula).

Image result for survivor ken

The first challenge was won by David and worth 3.5 points.  The second and third ones were won by Ken and worth 3 and 2.5 points respectively. Losing the first challenge cost 0.7, the second one cost 0.75, and the third one cost 0.83.

The final standings are

1. Ken 111.27

2. Jay 109.45

3. David 103.56

4. Will 10o.3

5. Taylor 99.91

6. Michelle 99.42

7. Sunday 98.89

8. Chris 98.21

9. Zeke 98.06

10. Bret 97.44

11. Adam 97.43

12. Jessica 94.61

13. Hannah 91.97

Ken is the physical champion.


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