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Survivor 33 Post Episode 3 top Physical Threats.


Three episodes into season 33 of Survivor.  There have only been three challenges, and the first one does not give a good indication of physical abilities except for puzzle solving.  The second required a wide range of abilities, like swimming, diving, and throwing.  The third challenge required balance, strength, throwing, and puzzle solving.


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         The millennials have treated Hannah as their weakest link.  She sat out the second challenge, and in the third challenge she was given the smallest role.  Mari was a weak link on their team.  In the second challenge she took a very long time to get out of the water.  Will seems to be athletic, but his balance and hunger are an issue.  He was beaten by Paul in episode 2, and he did not balance well in episode 3.  Other than these three out of 10 the Millennials seem to have a tribe that is very strong all the way through.
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        A few other players have no really gotten big roles for impressions, but they seem solid.  Adam and Zeke have not been called to do much, but they have done their jobs well.  Zeke especially did well in the water and in a puzzle.
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         Their best four challenge competitors aligned early.  Figgy is arguably worse at challenges than Zeke, and she is the weakest of this group.  She did very well in the first puzzle, but she played second fiddle to Michelle.  The main reason she is here is she is the only one to carry her bag besides Taylor in episode 3.  Taylor has been unimpressive except his incredible performance in episode 3, where the Millennials successfully designed their strategy around him.  Jay has mostly done the throwing portion.  Michelle is their top competitor.  She lead the Millennials to dominating both puzzles.  The one challenge she did not do the puzzle she tied with Chris at swimming.
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The Gen X tribe has weaker weak links.  Cece was very bad at diving and balancing.  She also seems unaware of her limits.  At least she has god short throwing ability, but that is not needed due to Ken.  Besides her David, Sunday, and Rachel have been weak at the challenges and making puzzle eras with Sunday being the best of them.

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       Their mid tier also only seems to be adequate.  Paul struggles in challenges 1 and 3, but he beat Will convincingly in challenge 2.  Jessica did kind of well in challenge 1, and she helped her team get back in the challenge in episode 2, and they went on to win, yet in challenge 3 she was given the least important role.  Bret has not been much help at all to Gen X, as he struggled at balance badly, but he at least has a good dive.
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They only have two notably good players to their opponents 4.  Chris did notably well in challenge 3, but not nearly as well as Taylor did.  He also only tied with Michelle in challenge 2.  Their only real saving part so far is Ken.  He has been doing incredibly well these last two challenges and outperforming Jay in the same roles.  Good thing for keeping these challenges good the Generation X players probably has the best challenge competitor.
         With these people it is no wonder the Millennials have won two challenges by wide margins and barely lost the other one.  They have a huge puzzle advantage, and a larger group of capable competitors to choose from.  The only thing the Generation Xers have competed with them is throwing and to a lesser extent diving.  Also sparing Cece could really hurt them in future challenges.