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Survivor Season 31 Post Episode 1 Pick to win it all

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Back at Season 26 I predicted Cochran would win after episode one.  I have not been right since, but I have come close.  In season 27 I heard spoilers, so I do not count it.  For season 28 I predicted Woo (2nd place) over L.J. (9th place) and Spencer (4th place).  In season 29 I picked Josh (11th place).  For season 30 I picked Jenn (9th place) over Tyler (7th place) and Mike (almost picked the winner).  In Season 31 I picked Spencer (tied for 2nd), and last season I picked Neal (11th place) over the eventual winner.  Based on the edit the Gen X tribe is doomed, butt he person with the best chance is Jessica.  She seems to have good awareness, and she does not come off as threatening.

From the intro I thought Zeke was doomed, but he quickly grew on me.  He made fire, became friends but not too close with everyone), and he seems to be able to join either alliance.  He is my pick to win it all.