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DTV Wonders: Pooh’s Grand Adventure, the Search for Christopher Robin

There is one Disney DTV sequel that I have as much nostalgia for as most of The Land Before Time movies.  This is it.  Despite having some sequel elements I always thought it was more of a film of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh partly due to having more of its actors and animation style.  When I was younger I really loved it, and today I still like it and enjoy the songs.

Right away the trailers talk about how Disney always offers “something new and exciting.”  It then does ads for lots of films that are at least eight years old.

The storybook look is gone, a butterfly looks ahead in fright foreshadowing the coming darkness, and the coloring is now darker.  As expected it begins with Pooh being happy, and he gets even happier when he runs into Christopher Robin.  Christopher Robin has a British accent unlike the TV series but like the film.  Pooh Bear is still voiced by Jim Cummings from the TV series.

An incredibly versatile actor.

Christopher Robin has to tell bad news, but Pooh does not want to hear it.  He sings “Forever and Ever” about how long it can wait.  It is the least good song in the film, but it has plenty of the charm that the character naturally brings.

They then “do nothing.”  A reference to the first film.  It also contains the quote “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  I have heard this originated here, not in the book, and I could not find it in the book, making this movie the birth of many senior quotes.  Pooh cannot remember it, but some of his attempts (“longer than a goose”) are funny.

He then awakens the next morning to find it is Autumn (when school starts).  He finds a honey pot and wonders who sent it.  He starts to doubt he can eat it, and he decides to ask Christopher Robin, but he is not around there, or here, or anywhere.  With him gone he is becoming lost.  It is Pooh’s main arc.  He then goes to Piglet (still played by John Fiedler).  He is trying to conqueror his fear of heights like Christopher Robin said, but he is now stuck on top of the tree.   until he is bounced by the greatest Disney character ever, Tigger.  Tigger is still voiced by Paul Winchell.  Hi arc is introduced as not being strong enough, which is similar to Rabbit’s but not Piglet’s arc.  Piglet is the odd one as his is something he often struggles with, while Rabbit and Tigger have issues with their own gifts not being enough.  He tries to bounce up and rescue Piglet, but he cannot and Piglet falls from the tree where Tigger does save him.  at the meantime Eeyore makes his appearance.  Eeyore is not important to this film actually.  Rabbit’s arc about going by the book too much is briefly shown.

Even rabbit cannot read the note on the honey pot so they go to Owl who proceeds to misread it that Christopher Robin is in danger from Skull.  I would think that with the ending reveal that there was no real danger this would be lighter on a rewatch, but the colors are so dark, the characters are so dramatic while still clearly being themselves, and the images are similar to that of a haunted house to makes this very intense even on a rewatch.  Owl says they must go on a quest, and he sings about it.  As a kid I loved this song, and as an adult I still love I.  I have hummed it many times.

The animation is creepy, and Owl comes off as sadistic talking about how they will all die like it is great, and I love every second of it.  It somehow does this while feeling so natural to the main series by keeping everyone in character.  Owl does refuse to actually go with them, as he salutes them away.  Some fans are mad that Kanga, Roo, and Gopher did not appear, but I thin they are unnecessary characters for this story, and Roo seems to have a major role in every Winnie the Pooh film since this one.  Owl did write them a map, which Pooh is carrying.  It is constantly saying an area is full of dangers and writing objects like trees with scary eyes on them.  He also warned them about the Skullasaurus, which we later learn that even though they constantly hear it, the Skullasaurus was actually Pooh’s tummy.  That was referenced in The Tigger Movie.  When they hear it everyone runs around in circles except Pooh until Rabbit takes the map and goes to what the map calls “This lovely meadow.”

    The map is clearly a little off, but eventually Piglet flees and he arrives at the real meadow.  We now know the map is a little off, as the meadow was a little further than it was on the map.  Piglet plays with butterflies until they carry him off like a flock of hawks.  I know this sounds like a comical scene, but it comes off as incredibly dark.  Even the most innocent looking things in the most peaceful place may kill you.  Pooh while misquoting the earlier quote eventually gets Piglet down.  One little problem is Pooh is so good at solving their problems he does no actually seem very lost.  Rabbit, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet seem more lost.

We then get to the rabbit’s song “If it Says so.”  I am having bad memories of “Say Soes” from The Wisdom of Friends when typing that, but this is actually my favorite song in the film, and I have hummed it and sang it many times.  Rabbit’s problem with taking the map at face value instead of thinking to himself is a major problem I also have.  As you can probably tell from the picture the compass is wrong, and the map constantly says to go the unnecessarily long way.  Rabbit accidently loses half of the map and Tigger chases it over a gorge.

Despite that poorly animated still the gorge scene’s animation is very good.  Tigger cannot get the map, and the log falls.  He is now miserable about not being able to get it and he rescinds himself to death.  Pooh then tries to get him out resulting in a stuffed animal ladder.  Somehow Piglet is holding both Pooh and Tigger.  Eventually Eeyore lets go of the root, and they all fall.  Piglet sees his friends rising from the mud and thinks their monster until Pooh points out that they are his friends.  It does help further solidify Pooh as the most important member.

Even with the other half back the map is nearly useless, and Rabbit cannot figure it out.   He gets really depressed and for a third tie Pooh cannot remember Christopher Robin’s comforting words right.  They eventually find a cave to sleep in, while they are very depressed.  After a little comic relief from Tigger and Rabbit Pooh sings “Wherever you are.”  It gets hard to believe that his actor did this and some notable villain songs like “In the Dark of the Night” and “Be Prepared.”  The song has many verses that are a dark reprise from “Forever and Ever,” and it is very sad to see Pooh so depressed.

They wake up to see Skull.   It is not worth the build up on the outside, but the inside seems like a bottomless pit.  They go inside and split up.  Some mist looks like a waterfall going up.  Eeyore gets stuck in a piece of wood making him look like a monster.  Tigger is chased by bats.  Rabbit falls down a hole, but the last one is played more for comedy than drama.  Pooh can just hear their screaming.  Besides Pooh they accidently run into the eye of skull, but it is way too high up for them, and pooh falls down a cliff like area.  Everyone else hears his screaming and assumes he is dead.  This is really getting dark.  In order to make Pooh happy the main characters minus Eeyore finally overcome their problems to get to the Eye.    Meanwhile Pooh…

This shot is the worst part of the film.  He gets out only to get stuck in a  huge chasm.  He eventually realizes he will just starve to death in it.  I have mostly neglected the honey pot in this review to save it to hear.  It represents Pooh’s thoughts that he is forever separated from Christopher Robin, and he clings to it.  They are only reunited when he is willing to abandon it.  Pooh finally remembers Christopher Robin’s words and he realizes in a way they will never be apart.

The rest of the group are all up thanks to Rabbit’s plan, Tigger’ strength, Piglet’s bravery, and Eeyore’s… extra weight slowing them down?  They then see a scary shadow thinking it is the Skullasaurus, but it is Christopher Robin.  I still do not know how he got there, but at this point I am happy to finally see the characters be happy again.  Christopher Robin takes the note and reads out loud what it actually says.  He also finds Pooh, and he rescues him with a huge honey pot he somehow carried over there and a rope.

They leave Skull and see it is not scary looking anymore, and other places from the movie are shown to no longer be scary as well.  The ending song is “Everything is Right.”  I always really enjoyed it.  It is very happy and the characters are shown using their new confidence and waving goodbye to the audience.

Despite its late plot holes and misuse of Eeyore I really love it.  It is by far the best of the Disney DTV films so far, and it is almost as good as the early odd numbered The Land Before Time sequels.  The characters are still lovable, and I got to see them going through something harder than ever before.  The writing is very good.  The songs are great.  I loved it so much as a kid I know most of the lines by heart.  I heavily recommend it for children because of its dark yet child friendly tone.




DTV Wonders: Stitch the Movie

  This cover made me overestimate 625’s role.


Oddly after I pan The Lion King II the next film ahs a trailer for the DVD release of the first one.  This trailer made my brother want to play the safari game so much we bought it.  We also lost it in the last few months.  I always liked the Bionicle: Mask of Light commercial, but I never felt a need to see it.  It makes me wonder what film has a commercial for its sequel.  The commercial for the series has many spoilers for the film, which I somehow missed the first time I watched this around twelve years ago.  The main menu has a part with Stitch swinging from a rope, which made me assume he would do that in the climax.

T8              Gantu is back to be one of the main villains.  He still comes off as intimidating.  I know several fans think he got way weaker after the original, but considering he is now much stronger than Jumba (Jumba fought Stitch far better than Gantu in the original) I have doubts about that.  He is now working for Hamsterviel.  Despite Gantu still being rather intimidating the overly small stuff and Hamsterviel’s voice keep this part surprisingly funny.  The plan is for Gantu to go Earth (which the aliens no longer call Yars) and retrieve the other 625 evil experiments.


The new animation did make the characters look uglier, but I only thought that for two minutes.  The main plot line is Lilo and Stitch want more people outside of their family to like Stitch.  This leads to the main problem, there is very little story.  In fact the run time is less than an hour, but there are still plenty of scenes that could have been cut easily.  This easily could have been reduced to a 2 part episode.  As expected it does not go well with Stitch scaring a few people away and that results in a little fire (Lilo was very happy to help put it out).  Stitch goes to Jumba (his creator) to ask about family.  Jumba says they both have no family.

After a few jokes such as Pleakly cooking dog food, which is actually more nutritious than most human food and David getting his small role to keep his fans happy Gantu breaks in.  This film has received a few idiot plot accusations.  I disagree with most, but I always found it odd that Gantu beats Stitch early and does not use the opportunity to finish him off.  It would have saved him a horde of misery the next three years, and it is later revealed that Hamsterveil would have plenty of use for him.  Also Jumba just then tries to actually hide his other 625 monstrosities he thinks should not be activated instead of burying them a while back.  Also Gantu decides to just kidnap Jumba instead of looking harder.  He des also find experiment pod 625, with its ominous music.  When I was younger I only noticed the first one, and I thought it was very bad for the main heroes that Jumba is aliennapped.

Stitch then hotwires Jumba’s ship, and they chase him into space.  Stitch apparently has really good aim and manages to shoot the engines without actually hurting Jumba, but they run out of power.  Presumably they have some emergency power that Stitch uses to make sure they fall at home and not in Antarctic or Venus.  Wow, I am already throught one quarter of he film.  I have criticized David’s role as being filler but most of his lines are funny such as him watching an alien invasion movie oblivious to Gantu having just assaulted his want to be girlfriend’s house.  This leads to Nani calling Cobra for help.  Lilo realizes that one of the experiments could repower the ship letting them chase after Gantu.  Pleakly has the more long term plan of calling every phone in the galaxy.

Lilo and Stitch release 221, but he wrecks the house’s power and leaves.  They should have used insulators.  They go looking for him, but it goes nowhere except some fun ideas for the characters like seeing Stitch’s night vision in action.  It was not important, but the scene is fun to watch.

In the meantime Jumba is set up to be tortured by Hamsterveil but nothing worries him especially Hamsterveil threatening his family.  “Ha, I have no family.”  I like how happy he is to say that.  Hamsterveil is really hard to understand, but I still enjoy his blunt rudeness, Jumba’s uncaring attitude, and Gantu being overly polite.  These three are really funny.  They then decide to release 625 on him.  The music indicate that is very bad.  All three are scared of him, until it turns out he is very lazy an just makes and eats sandwiches.  625 makes the funny trio an even funnier quartet.  Eventually Jumba is singing ninety-nine beers on the wall except he is singing about pieces of me on the wall.  I have actually sung that many times.  Pleakly reaches him, but Hamsterveil takes the phone and makes a ransom demand.  Gant puts the phone gently away…

No! Slam it!  I think one of the idiot plots is how Pleakly tried to reach Jumba, which actually gave the villains an option for a ransom, and Lilo now regretting releasing Sparky since the ransom is now incomplete.  I thought that was a nice change where plans work or fail.  Sometimes a person realizes half way through their plan was bad and now has to change it.  Stitch hotwires Cobra’s car, and they look for Sparky over a montage.  I remember my dad laughing at the part where Stitch drinks an entire case of coffee.  After that they find Sparky by following the screaming people and broken electronics.  Stitch catchshim witht he rope swinging in the menu (I was surprised to see it so early) and a glass vase.  They bond over some similarities, and they realize they are family.

Pleakly and Cobra go to meet Hamsterveil and Gantu at the lighthouse.  Cobra’s actions do fit into his plan later.  He is hoping to give the experiments to Hamsterveil, get Jumba back, then the Galatic Federation will destroy Hamsterveil and the experiments.  IT also has the good part where Lilo shows up and reveals she named 221 Sparky.  The real good part is where Cobra claims she cannot see how complicated the situation is when she is like him taking a third option, save everyone by using Sparky as a distraction, which gives Stitch time to save Jumba.  Despite that Hamsterveil gets the experiments, and Sparky takes out the Galatic Federation’s ship before it can destroy all 624 of them.  Hamsterveil and Gantu with the experiments get back in the ship.  Lilo and Stich ruin after them.  This is less heroic on a rewatch since Lilo was useless from here onward except for a bit of keep away Stitch could have done by himself.

They successfully get the experiments out of the window, and the case breaks letting them fall freely back to the island.  It looks happy until Pleakly points out how dangerous they will be and the chairwoman agrees with Pleakly.  to make it worse Lilo and Stitch are captured.  I still do not know why Stitch cannot go through the glass, but I guess Gantu used better material.  Hamsterveil threatens them from a huge pile of phone books.  He plans to cut Stitch in half so he can clone him.  Gantu is teleporting Lilo to a soup company.  He then gets distracted as 625 is getting a huge order of baloney teleported to them.  As everyone knew would happen Sparky comes in to save Stitch.  They easily overpower Hamsterveil.  Getting to Lilo is harder, as the musicand grunting make sit obvios the ship is hard to move through and the walls do not let Stitch climb them like he normally can.  He gets here, but he cannot stop the teleportation.  He then realizes it was for the baloney and frees Lilo from the other one.  Gantu then chases them and sees someone is stealing his ship, but it is just 625 wondering where his baloney is.  All he has is cheese and bread.  It was actually a red herring and Sparky locks the doors and sends Gantu’s ship crashing on Earth. It also turns 625’s sandwich into a grilled cheese.

They get back to earth.  Hamsterveil is arrested.  Sparky finds that he can do a lot of good at the lighthouse, which had no power before him.  The councilwoman then says she will evacuate the planet and gas it to destroy the experiments.  Lilo convinces her not to, as they will find them and turn them good.  Now I feel the ending is a poor set up.  When I was younger this made my whole family really want to watch the TV series, which is really good.

Today I do not care for this so called film, but as the target audience I thought it was a great pilot.   It is still funny, and it has good action.  It lead to a very good TV series, and I do like the new characters.  It is just too dull with the story for me now.

DTV Wonders: The Lion King II Simba’s Pride

I have reviewed the entire The Land Before Time franchise.  I loved it, and it is an example of DTV being great, but Disney also did plenty of DTV films.  I am not going in order this time, and it would be way harder for me to find them all.  I know that the two companies have rivalries over who made better DTV sequels, so I will compare them.  Surprisingly I can find very little behind the scenes information on the creative team.

I know I watched this film a few times just for The Animal Kingdom commercial.  It has great animals and a dinosaur.  Oddly it then has a commercial for the soundtrack, and I do not like seeing the animated characters’ actors.  I think it really harms the illusion.  It also has a horrible commercial for Lion King on Broadway.  It has a Disney channel actor getting all the spotlight instead of Simba, and she keeps saying even adults will “like” it.  So they will only tolerate it, and animation is only for kids according to Disney.  Still that one commercial was awesome and made it worth it.

This film has a large hatedom, and a fandom.  The negative is its fandom seems to hate all DTV films and say this is the least bad, which is a horrible sign.  The first song is… Ugh.  The whole introduction is full of them wasting time with needless references to the original, but that does not really harm a  film much unless it spends more time on referencing than its own plot like this does.  The opening song is very similar to “The Circle of Life,” only notably worse.  The animation is just like the original only notably worse and an ugly version, which is something I have never thought about The Land Befor Time sequels. At least the lyrics are okay.   Even worse Timon and Pumba are in a painfully long joke about thinking the new cub, Kiara, is a boy instead of a girl.  he humor of the original is not going to make it.


The poor designs did only distract me for the first 15ish minutes at least.  Kiara is trying to leave, Simba promises to let her have fun by himself, but he secretly appoints a watcher.  Will he pick Zazu, Rfikki?  No he picks the least stealthy animals possible, Timon and Pumba.  Picking help is arguably the most important part of being king, and he is failing.  They watch her through over the top non funny slapstick with no one in the audience laughing.  This really hurts the dark mood that is supposed to be forming.  Kiara finds them obviously, and lots of scenes from the original are referenced.  Kiara is at most shown to not like being a princess.  So our new character getting all the focus is the character who does not want her job, et she does not support making The Lion Republic.  After Timon and Pumba forget to keep watching her…

Missed opportunity alert.  Timon and Pumba were useless for this scene and not necessary.  Why not make no one follow her, she gets into trouble as we see later, and that makes Simba over protective.  It would make this faster paced and Simba would be more likable.

She eventually leaves the pridelands chasing a butterfly and finds Kovu.  He is an outsider.  Apparently Kiara is interested in them having more fun lives with less rules, but that will be horribly contradicted later.  They accidently run into some crocodiles, and I really enjoy this early action scene.  The pacing is very good.  I enjoy seeing both Kiara and Kovu saving the other.  After that their parents arrive.  Kovu’s mom is Zira, and outsider exiled from the pridelands and…

They were loyal followers to Scar.  I thought he had a 0% approval rating.  Why did he not get lions who would follow him instead of the weaker hyenas.  Their numbers are shown to be huge despite their recent poor living conditions, so they should have with the hyenas help won the last film easily.  The only good explanation is they were all away hunting, but I have trouble believing all left due to stealth.  It makes n sense in a logical world, but in a filmmaking world this is good besides that.  She is however a much better orator than Simba.  It has earlier been established that pridelanders and outsiders hate each other and never turn their backs towards each other, but they all turn their backs to each other.  I do not like the beginning at all, but if someone were to like Kiara I think they would like it.

Simba takes Kiara back.  He says that she must be queen (or democracy), and that not being queen is the same as not being a lion.  Does that mean every lion who is not royalty does not have the title of lion?  He sings to her “We are One.”  I like most of the lyrics, but the chorus is annoying.  To make it worse both actors are more focused on sounding pretty instead of making emotion.  The meaning of it is.. he never says what it means, and the meaning in the end is not good.

Kovu and Zira arrive back with the rest of the Outsiders.  Kovu’s siblings I presume are Vitana and… I do not know his name.  When I watched it as a younger viewer I had no idea what his name was until I discovered Wikipedia.  Idiot lion exists for jokes about him being covered in termites, give moderate slapstick, and whine about Kovu being the chosen one. Basically he is a comedic villain.  Vitani is actually competent.  To highlight their clear love for fun she immediately plays with Kovu.  Zira blames comic relief, but Kovu takes the blame.  Being a surprise mastermind that he is Zira goes over possible results of being friends with Kiara and slowly realizes that it could make him closer to Simba, and then he could kill him.  Our villains are definitely more interesting already then our heroes.  Apparently Kovu was the kid of a rogue lion and Scar chose him as his successor.  I thought the head lion killed all the cubs from other males meaning all the young outsiders should be his kids.  Apparently they act nothing like real lions, which is understandable.   The villain song has a horrible name, “My Lullaby,” t the lyrics are good, the callbacks to “Be Prepared” show a contrast and are till good on its own merits.  Comic Relief Villain’s  comedy is still not good, but other than that the song is good.

Despite advertising the main characters as cubs they are already early full grown.  I would prefer that they met as teenagers.  Kiara gets to go hunting, but Simba still sends the unstealthy Timon and Pumba after her right after promising he would not.  I finally found what I think makes some people like or hate this movie.  Some people would like Simba no matter what thanks to the original.   Simba is horribly unlikable in this movie, but some viewers like him in it because of how likable he was in the original.  Other fans are like me, we hate Simba so much here that we also cannot like him in the original.  For us this film does the worst thing a sequel can do, make the original worse.

She is shown to be really bad a t hunting and catches Timon and Pumba making her really mad at Simba.  To make it worse Timon once says she has caught them watching her for her dad “8,000 times.”  Kiara is so mad she leaves the pridelands.  In the meantime for Zira’s plan Vitani and Comic Relief Villain set the savannah on fire.  Well Comic Relief Lion puts the fire around him and leaps out twenty feet into the air.  As the plan Kiara falls unconscious (so many things that could go wrong here like here dying and Simba blaming them and going on revenge), and Kovu saves her.  Kiara recognizes him and Zazu, Nala, and Simba show up.  The resulting political debate is something like this, Simba wants to kill the Outsider.  Kovu insists he is actually a rogue and wants to join the pride.  Kiara and Kovu point out he is the rescuer.  Zazu supports them, but then wants him dead.  Zazu si very confusing.  Simba relents.  He does make Kovu stay outside to hate him more instead of setting up a night watch.

The following dream sequence is really bad.  Instead of making new emotional challenges they reuse Mufassa’s death.  Paying James Earl Jones to come back with a limited budget is horrible money management.  They should have had a dream about Kiara dying a similar way to Mufassa to keep the plot of this movie going and be more stand alone.

Kovu helps teach Kiara how to touch as she somehow cannot see he is getting ready to pounce on her dad.  Both Simba and Kiara need to work on awareness.  The next scene shows the Outsiders do not know what fun is and…  It has been shown the whole film they are better at being fun.  It turns out they do not even know how to roar.  To make it worse Rafiki gives us a horrible song with terrible lyrics, and it portrays love as nothing but heart imagery.  Simba decides it is time to start trusting Kovu thanks to Nala.  It is glossed over in the film too.

Simba and Kovu go to talk.  Simba shows him the fire and says how destruction can be good in the next generation, and he shows him a sapling coming up.  It is a good scene, but the Outsiders surprise them both.  Um?  They do know they are at the borders anyway where enemies are?  Why did he go that far with no reliable help.  Simba really stinks at border management.  Zira lies giving Kovu credit and Simba assumes everything his confirmed enemy says is true.  Did I mention how much this movie makes me hate Simba.  It is heavily implied that male lions are very dominant in fights later.

Well thanks to that the Outsiders have trouble controlling Simba as Kovu is somehow out 3 seconds in.  This male domination makes Comic Relief even more pitiful, but that is what comic relief villains do.  Wait what?  He is one coming closest to killing Simba.  Maybe if he was made out to be a bumbling but very skilled fighter this would be intimidating, but certainly am not intimidated.  To my surprise he dies and Vitani reveals his name is “Nuka.”  You will not be missed bad Tybalt/Mercutio stand in.  Apparently his whole family misses him.  If he was not such poor comic relief, had some redeeming traits, or supported a side that was not simply bloodthirsty this would be sad.  The death mourning is instead overly long.  Zira blames Kovu for doing nothing and gives him a scar like Scar’s scar. She is shocked as if no ne else got scratched near the eye.  Kovu flees to priderock.  Simba exiles him because clearly his arch enemy was not lying.  What do you think he did?  He did not assault you.  He did not lead you to the Outsiders, in fact you lead him to the Outsiders.  If Kovu was somehow leading what were you doing following someone with suspect loyalty to where you had no allies and lots and lots of enemies?  We the get a song from what characters?   How about nameless ones?

       Kiara receives the blame from Simba and banishes her to inside Pride Rock.  Did I mention how much a Lion Republic is needed.  Also Timon and Pumba are still assigned to watch her.  She attacks Simba by saying “You will never be Mufassa.”  Considering it is terrible advise to be exactly like anyone great since every person is different the film is giving us the horrible advice to be someone else instead of the best you, you can be.  She finds a hole to escape out of and leaves.  It leads to he final song, “Love Will Find a Way.”  It is the best song in the film.  It is sung well with emotions.  It ahs some actual discovery, Kovu using the only remotely smart stuff Simba taught him, and it is about the only likable characters in the film.  Kovu wants them to run away together.  I support this.  Kiara says they must help the two prides.  I guess that could work, but between all the nearby animals who clearly do not want the Scar supporters back no way could they go to war.

It turns out Zira got the outsiders to go to war.  Why they did not do this before Kovu jumped ship or years ago, but at least we are promised good action.  Zira would be a good one dimensional villain except this Romeo and Juliet story requires both groups being in the worng, yet they should be likable.  Here both groups are in the wrong and are overly unlikable.

The Outsiders come.  The Pridelanders come.  The naimals tat can fight lions do not come.  I guess they do not car if Simba or Zira rule them despite the elephants and rhinos being in no real danger.  Apparently Scar’s disapproval rating was shockingly low.  The main fight is… Very confusing ad slow.  I cannot tell who is who.  Timon and Pumba have hijinks I never understood until I was 13.  Kiara and Kovu come to break it up.  Kiara gets them to stop fighting by saying “They are us.  What differences do you see?”  So if you look like someone you are them?

According to Kiara they are the same
According to Kiara Charlie Chaplin is Adolf Hitler


Congratulations Kovu, you no longer have competition for best character here.  Somehow it makes all of the Outsiders decide to join the Prideleanders except Zira.


After that Zira leaps to knock Simba into a raging river. Kiara gets in the way, and they both go down.  Kiara got to do the speech; therefore, they let Kovu jumps down to save his lionness friend and mother.  No, he just sits there and looks worried.

Remember first film all Simba wet through?  His dad died, he saw his mother get beaten, he was kicked out of home.  Here is wore than useless, and he now has a much bigger pride.  He probably has a bigger ego too.  I hate this movie.  It has mostly poor songs.  No characters end it likable.  It has a story that requires a grey and grey morality with white morality heroes, yet it accidently gives black vs black.  The climax is bad.  The animation never looks better than average.  Nuka is perhaps the worst villain ever, and their version of Simba is just awful.

In comparison to The Land Before Time this has a better climax than 13, and if it was not a sequel it would probably be better, but it fails so horribly as a sequel due to making the first one worse.  It is worse than 13.  Its best song is no where near as good as the twentieth best song in Universal’s flagship DTV series.  I plan on never watching this film again.  At least it had a great commercial.