Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 12: Path to Victory for Final 5

First off I am one of the few people who thought the reward challenge was bad.  It came to down to our worst guy is better than your worst guy, and the same puzzle three times was just repetitive.  Due to Michele and Joe receiving votes no one can get the perfect game this season.

Aubry is still my pick to win it all.  They showed her strategizing and contemplating a move when it really did not matter, which furthers her winner’s edit.  Even without the edit, I think she could sweep the current jury votes based off respect showed to her and shown in exit interviews.  Since no one has won immunity twice she is due.  If she wins immunity then I think her best move is to target Michele or Cydney.  Cydney is more loyal to her so vote out Michele and then Cydney to take Tai and Joe to the final three.  If it is a final two I think either of them would take her.  Victory

I cannot picture her beating Aubry, but she could beat anyone else.  I think she should try to get Tai, and Michele to vote out Aubry next.  If she wins immunity go for Joe.  If Aubry is gone then vote out Tai.  If Joe is gone take out Aubry then.


        She has a slim chance against Aubry.  Her best move is to remove Aubry and Cydney next assuming Tai is with her.  Make final two alliance with Tai.  Convince Cydney to turn on Aubry.  Then recruit Joe to take out Cydney.  May have to win final three immunity challenge, but Tai has not been performing well lately.
          You are terrible at tribal council and that makes it hard to plead a case for the jury.  Go for the Neal/Debbie votes by removing Aubry.  Then take out Michele.  In final three take Joe if it is up to you.
          Hope the jury rewards you for loyalty.  Try to help Aubry recruit Cydney to vote out Michele.  Then protect Aubry as you two go the finals.  Hope there is a bitter jury.

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