Survvor Metrics: Kaoh Rong Episode 11

At the website a formula was made to determine the best physical threats based off the IQ test.  The website has not updated since season 27 ended, but I have received permission to use the formula and post results (and give credit to the blogger who made the formula.

Jason had to sit out the reward challenge so no change higher or lower for him.  With six people playing there were 3.5 points at stake.  With teams of two the winners each get 1.75 points.  The four losers would lose 0.88 points.

For the immunity challenge with seven players the winner would 4 points. The losers lost 0.67 points.

1. Tai 106.98

2. Nick 106.39

3. Julia 106.1

4. Michele 102.73

5. Jason 101.69

6. Scot 99.52

7. Neal 99.4

8. Debbie 97.56

9. Cydney 94.7

10 Aubry 92.07

11. Joe 91.57

After this Michele is really shooting up.  No one has won more than one individual immunity.  Tai and Julia are no longer getting the reward points.  Aubry was so great in the team vs team challenges and normally almost winning the individual challenges, but she can never quite win them.


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