Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 11: PAth to Victory for Final 6

      Aubry is still my pick to win.  Her edit was lacking in sotries, but she was shown to be in complete control of the majority alliance.  I am getting the impression from the preview that next episode she is the swing vote between Cydney and Michele.  I think her best move is to remove Cydney in a blindside and then take out Jason.  With that Joe is with her and make a final three deal with both Tai and a separate one with Michele.  Her win.
       Cydney is now in a good position to make a move against Aubry.  The problem is the only people she could beat are Michele and Joe.  Time to blindside Tai then go for Aubry.  After that go for Jason.  To do that first remove… by…I really cannot see her doing that.  Just blindside Aubry in the very late game and try to seem in control for the vote.
         Michele is finally starting to emerge as something besides a winner’s edit.  Try to get the votes for Tai and Jason.  Then remove Aubry.  Go to final three with Cydney and Joe.
         I think his best move is to go to the end with Jason and Cydney.  Next move is to join with the non Brains and go for Aubry.  After that take out Jason.  In the final four take out Michele.
Besides Joe who could he beat?  Maybe Cydney.  Try to turn everyone on Aubry.
  Joe has no shot.




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