Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 10: How to Win


I think that if Aubry makes the finals she will win against anyone.  I think her biggest threat is Julia and Julia will gun for her.  But Julia is the main threat between a possible Jason-Julia alliance.  I think her best move would be to get Tai, Cydney, Joe, and herself to take out Jason by convincing them he is a bigger physical threat and could get votes.  Then take out Julia to put her in the final 5.  Try to make the alliance think Michele was with Julia getting Cydney to target her.  She could then get Joe and Tai to choose and have many options to either final 2 or 3.

The only current juror I think that will consider voting for Cydney is Debbie, and I think she will go with Aubry.  It will be like Dan voting for Mike.  If she votes out Aubry now her alliance will crumble giving Jason and Julia power.  She has to try to take out Jason and then Michele.  She then has to try to get Tai turn on Aubry, which will be very hard.  She may have to try to win at the end and then vote out Aubry, but Aubry has been beating her at every challenge except one.  Bad odds for Cydney.


If Julia makes the finals without Aubry I think she will win.  Her best bet is to get Cydney to turn on Aubry, but I think she will gun for Tai.  If that happens and somehow works the best plan is probably to get Aubry to turn on Cydney then gather Jason and Michele for a final three alliance and go to the finals with Michele over Jason to appear loyal.


Go to the finals with Joe is his only hope.  At Julia’s final 5 convince Aubry to vote off Julia with him and Joe.  Then turn on Aubry at 4 or 3.  Remove Michele the other vote.


He needs to be in the end with Michele, Joe, or Cydney.  I think his best bet is to go with Aubry to the final 4 and try to beat her in a challenge and vote her out.  Rely on his advantages, physical prowess, and Aubry’s brain to get him there.  Also use an extra vote now to make sure two people do not flip then bluff with idol, and he is in final 4.  get rid of Julia and Jason quickly, as they are targeting him.


Besides a winner’s edit does she have any assets.  She is in the middle but not enough to change the vote off.  I think her best bet is to get Cydney to turn on Aubry destroying the power alliance while getting Tai to play his idol.  Then remove Tai.  Then Cydney.  At final 4 betray Julia and go to the end with Joe and Jason.

How could Joe win?  By acting like he is in control every remaining tribal council and not being at the end with Jason, Aubry, or Julia.  Just maybe then.

M0st likely to go next are

  1. Julia
  2. Jason
  3. Tai

Big winners are

  1. Aubry
  2.  Tai
  3.  No one else.

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