Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 9: Was it a Good Move?

The Big Baby alliance was in the minority, but they got a victory and they made a show of psychological war/ being sore losers.  Did they pull off a victory because of it or in spite of it?

Scot made sure there was no question, which is bad.  The best way to do this sabotage would be to keep t a mystery like what Tai did.  Tai is successfully using Scot as a shield.  Everyone knew it was them, thus no mystery, which is important for psychological warfare.

They way they actually won is by making the majority alliance feel unsafe splitting the votes.  Arguably their revenge helped because it arguably makes them better goats to take to the end.  The problem with that is they may very well not win.  It also means they are starving themselves.  They also need more food.  If the only reason Julia seemed interested in them is why the majority alliance did not split the votes then their revenge worked in the short run.

Everyone’s best chance at victory.

Scot- I think that he will actually win a final three of the Big Baby alliance.  I am almost certain he will target Cydney.  I think his best hance is to scare Michele and Julia into voting for Cydney and then using the super idol to get them to completely flip at 7.  Then blindside Julia.  After  that if the tight alliance sticks together I think he will win.

Baby Kyle-  The same as Scot only blindside him at the final 5 or 4.  The take Joe and Julia to the finals.  I think he would beat Joe if he makes a better speech.

Tai-  Keep doing great at challenges and claim to be the best physical player and own up to putting out the fire without being caught.

Cydney- She will get targeted next.  Must get tai to flip or she is gone.  If she can do that then remove her fello Brawns and make multiple final three deals.
Julia- Sacrifice Cydney to remove the super idol.  Get her alliance to cast 5 votes for Scot.  Then vote out the Big Baby alliance except Baby Kyle.  Blindside Aubry at final 3 and then keep talking about Baby Kyle’s friends o the jury to be in finals with Michele and Joe.

Michele- Sacrifice Cydney to remove super idol.  Remove big baby alliance and go to final 4 with Aubry, Joe, and Julia.  Let Aubry and Julia compete Let Julia be the shield here.  Make case that you blindsided Nick was never a target

Joe- Sacrifice Cydney for super idol.  Vote out big baby alliance starting with Tai.  If he goes on an immunity run he may get sacrificed to keep the alliance strong.

Aubry- My pick to win it all since episode 2.   Keep Cydney as a shield.  Get Tai to flip and remove Jason’s idol and Scot.  Vote out Jason.  Blindside Julia.  In final 5 make final 3 deal with Michele and Joe.  Remove Tai first and then Cydney.



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