Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 8:

Why did he vote for Jason?  My first thought was he and Cydney came with different plans for a blindside.  The Brains chose Cydney’s plan, as it offered more people for the long term.  Nick revealed in his interview with Dalton Ross that they changed the vote plan at the last second, because Joe would not hear the plan to remove Jason.  If true that actually means Jason and Scot stand alone.  I expect that they will show him having a fall out with Scot next vote or the majority alliance targets him next in an attempt to flush his idol and get Jason to play his.

For the majority alliance obviously Debbie, Aubry, and Joe would be the most loyal to it.  Tai and Cydney have good connections to their former allies.  Michele may side with Julia if Julia flips.  Thus the game is still afoot.  The three Brains need to keep the target on the Brawn men, which I think they will do.

Why did Cydney flip?  According to Nick he was going to turn on the Brawn men at the final 9, but she may not have known that.  It was likely from a frustration at her male allies.  It could also be that Scot is a big threat to win, and Jason could very well pull an upset.  Voting out them would also leave her as the strongest player left.

Who is the best left at endurance challenges.  Nick came a 1 and 3, while Tai came in 2 and 1.  Cydney came in second this episode, but last episode she was way in the back.  Julia came in third one week and last the other.  Aubry came in fourth both challenges.  Besides Tai she is the top threat especially if her leg gets better.

My big winners are

  1. Aubry for being the biggest threat of the minority alliance but getting most of the majority alliance to help save her.
  2. Debbie for the same reason.
  3. Cydney for setting up big moves for the jury.  I do not see it helping her game that much

Most likely to go next.

  1. The Brawn men try to get Julia, Michele, and Tai to blindside Cydney in revenge.
  2. Joe as a throwaway vote to draw out idols.
  3. Scot, nothing odd happens and he is voted out.

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