Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 6: Being on the Bottom

Peter, the bottom of the Brain tribe, has been removed from the game.  I thought his fight with Joe would just be a  red herring, but I was wrong.  It was foreshadowing and it helped make Aubry switch.  His problems were his inability to stop scheming in a season where everyone is trying to play a more laid back game.

He made an alliance with Liz deeming her the only other strategist.  This pitted more forceful strategists against the laid back trio of Neal, Aubry, and Debbie.  By always strategizing they could not make friends well and pit them against each other or recruit Joe.  A key part of strategizing is making friends.  Russell is known for having no social game, but he definetly made people want to work with him by finding those whom no one else wanted to work with and making them feel like he was irreplaceable.  Peter could not do that.

How did he come off as so untrustworthy.  He earlier got mad at Tai before the swap, and that him memorable for being angry.  Thus, the beauty and Brawn tribes did not want to work with him.  He also seemed to view everyone but Liz as a paw, and seemed to make it clear he thought he was the best strategist, as a result everyone correctly assumed he was waiting to blindside them.

Did Aubry or Joe make the right choice?  Having five brains i a tribe of 11 (especially if one is untrustorthy is very risky, but it also has the potential to take control early, but no tribe in a three tribe season has been able to do that.  Thus I think this was a good move to eliminate Peter.  Joe always called Peter “Pete.”  He confirmed in an exit interview that he thought Joe voted him out instead, and I think Aubry did that on purpose.

My big winners are

  1.  Scot for potentially making a beauty and brawn alliance.
  2. Aubry for removing a wild card.
  3. Julia for doing what Anna could not do.

The most likely to go next are (assuming no medical evacuation and Nick wins the next  challenge we saw photos of)

  1.  Debbie- No idol and a strategist.
  2. Jason- Blindsided with idol.
  3. Aubry as a physical threat and maybe Joe turning on her.

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