Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 2: Could the Brawn tribe lose everything

I had them ranked from best at challenges to worst as
1. Scot
(very close)
2. Jenny
3. Jason
4. Cydney
5. Darnell
(very close)
6. Alecia
One reason Matsing got so dominated is with no reward challenges the other tribes could sit their weak links like Abi-Maria, Kate, and Dawson every time.  Now tribes can only sit out a player 1 challenge in a row.  I suspect that means Brain will sit Joe and play Debbie.  Beauty will play Julia and sit Anna, Michele, or Tai.  Both Matsing was a very weak tribe all the way through and even by voting out their next to weakest member they still had a very weak player in Angie.  The old brain tribe voted out Garret, probably their second strongest member.  No matter what potentially weak link the other tribe has Alecia could cancel out their vulnerability.
          Their other main problem is the lack of a challenge dominator.  With so few people having one great player is more important than usual.  The challenges in season 31 were so even as each tribe had exactly one dominator (Joe, Mike, and Joaquin).  With Jenny gone all the pressure is on Scot.  He is not as good at challenges as Caleb, Aubrey, or Peter.  Jason and Cyndey have not shown themselves to be good at challenges.
             I have to hand it to the editors.  They gave me no reason to think Beauty would go to tribal council, but I was wondering who would go between Brain and Brawn.  It was also a great tribal council and I was hocked when Jenny got the second vote.  If they do the early voted out season I would prefer her to Darnell.
              Last episode I crowned Aubrey as the player of the week.  This time I have to crown Alecia.  She made fire and saved herself strategically.
          Most lilkely to go next are
Brains- Debbie (I am really getting annoyed by her)
Beauty- I still think Nick
Brawn- I think another loss would result in Jason going home.

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