Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 1


The Brawn tribe made the right move.  I thought they were making a bad choice.  Alicia was more of a strategic threat and he seemed to have a (small) physical advantage.  He then gave a very emotional speech making many of his tribe mates cry.  That type of emotional power was a major reason Jeremy won and would only get stronger later.

Episode 1 Projected Winner from each Tribe.

         From the Beauty Tribe I will say Michele.  I think she can stealthily find an idol.  She was also good at making a friendship with everyone.  She is also good at reading people.

           From the Brain Tribe Aubrey was fantastic at the challenge and the episode 1 winner, but she has social problems.  Neal seemed to have a good ability to stay below the radar and stay on top of things.  I will actually predict him to win it all.

            On the Brawn Tribe I will say Scott.  He seems to know when to gain control while staying back a little too much.  Also a lack of competition besides Jenn.  Jenn challenges him for the spot, but I think Scott has a slightly better chance.

Bottom Predictions

From the Brawn tribe Alicia will be gone next.  I think she will target Tony (the Bounty Hunter).

From the beauty tribe I think Tai will save himself with his charm.  Nick (The only player with a name I cannot remember) will be gone next.

From Brains I think Debby will be gone next.


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