Arthur: Continuing Season 1

Arthur’s Pet Business

Only that science guy on TV wears bow ties


This has a predictable plot, but there is something about it that keeps it interesting, probably knowing it should be an important part of Pal’s origins.  It is has a very memorable one note character in Mrs. Wood and some really goo comedy.  It also really brings Arthur to a low point and brings him back up making this one of the better current episodes.

D.W. the Copycat


D.W the Copy Cat 167
Hi Arthur!

The first D.W. episode written by Joe Fallon, and he excels at writing her.  Like many of the god D.W. episodes this is hilarious.  D.W. (and Binky in limited screen time) offer so many laughs.  It also further shows how smart D.W. is.  It also had a very good ending and talk with mom and dad that gave this more than just comedy.  D.W. is a wonderful character and it really is on display.

D.W the Copy Cat 94

Bionic Bunny is shown to be a robot, but it is mentioned he was born in season 10.  He really has changed in the first ten seasons.  This episode takes place after “D.W. Rides Again” based on her bike.


Locked in the Library

This is the first episode to show Francine’s good side.  She does get called out for her hypocrisy (hating being called a name despite constantly calling other people names).  It is able to portray both Arthur and Francine in a positive light despite giving each other legitimate reasons to be mad at each other.  My main complaint is this is a predicable story, and I never loved it.  It seems most Francine fans love it, and this is the episode for them.

Arthur Accused

First episode written by James Greenburg.  This also shows Buster’s goo side that becomes dominant.  It is also he first time Mrs. McGrady and Mr. Morris talk.  I presume that is to help make the viewers think one of them might be the criminal.  It has some plot holes like the quarters should have fallen out (at least some) or made noise clanging together but I never noticed until recently due to seeing it a young age and nostalgia blindness.  This is memorable and very important for Buster’s characterization, and I enjoyed it.

Arthur Goes to Camp

Arthur Goes to Camp 61

The only episode written by Rowby Goren.  It feels more like a Peanuts episode than Arthur, and it really shows with its limited cast with no Fern or George in the background.  I really like the setting, but the basic lot and to a lesser extent the main inter hero conflict leaves much to be desired.  It is the new least good episode.

Buster Makes the Grade

The first episode written by Peter K. Hirsch.  Obviously an unimportant writer.  Buster is failing third grade and it is really fun seeing him not care and then start caring by imagining the worst case scenario.  It also helps they show it still takes time after motivation, but the motivation is what his friends had to focus on.  This is the current best episode not written by Joe Fallon.

Arthur’s New Puppy

I miss it when Pal did not talk.  Pal is not drawn the same way here, but the different look helps to give him clear expressions.  It is fun seeing Pal be smart even though the plot was predictable.  It is still a cute episode with some good face expressions from Pal.

Arthur Bounces Back

The first speaking appearance of Grandma Read.  It probably has a more exciting premise than any episode yet, as it involves lying to parents and dealing with a lack of money.  Unfortunately it gets wrapped up too fast even if it is a memorable episode.

Arthur Babysits


In the original books the Tibble twins were the only humans.  To make them fit in more they were changed to bears.  Since Grandma Tibble is way darker than them many have interpreted that they are mixed race and two of the few hybrids on this show.

This deals with the very real problem of younger children and it also helps that D.W., a brat, is so scared of them.  That is why they work as they foil D.W. where Emily foils her in the opposite direction.  The actual episode is really good, and I really felt Arthur’s pain babysitting them and get a sense of satisfaction when Arthur calms them down.  The Tibbles are love them or hate them characters and that is how most fans feel about this one.

Arthur’s Cousin Catastrophe

Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe 45


This is a popular episode and Mo is still probably the most popular one episode character in the show’s history.  I think people remember her because this episode really captured hosting a family reunion (adding in the ridiculous games).  Talking with strangers, all the work to get the house ready, and wondering if you remember someone correct.  This episode is ended quickly but it feels right here, as it shows one thing can change everything so much.  It is also the first episode without Buster.


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